Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Readings — Glory to God in the Highest

Created to help you focus on Christ during the Christmas season, this book of Christmas readings highlights 31 passages of scripture from the King James Version of the Old and New Testaments. It's designed to help you focus on one passage of scripture each day during the month of December. Every passage is followed by a short reflection to help you meditate on the meaning of the passage and discuss it with family and friends.

For now until November 30, 2015, you can read Glory on Kindle for $0.99. It's also available from Amazon in paperback.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

In the Last Days Now on Kindle

In the Last Days: A Brief Guide to Christ's Second Coming for Latter-day Saints is a compilation of blog posts on the Second Coming of Christ. The series was originally published on Put on the Armor of Light from September 2014 to November 2015.

The guide covers a variety of topics related to the Last Days, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Millennium, and the end of the world. It retells events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ, mainly by scriptural passages but also references statistical, historical, and archaeological sources.

For a limited time, you can read it on Kindle for $0.99 or for free if you are a Prime or Kindle Unlimited customer on Amazon. It is also available from Amazon in paperback.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Tale of Song of Falling Leaves

Fourteen-year-old Andi McCall lives in a Chicago high rise with her father, a preoccupied attorney, and her mother, an on-again, off-again cocaine addict. While her mom is in rehab that summer, Andi leads a dull life until her mother's drug dealer nearly takes it from her. With a little convincing from her friend Ben, Andi decides to play it safe and spend the rest of the summer on her grandfather's ranch in northern Nevada.

The evening she arrives, Andi meets a beautiful Quarter Horse named King's Jubilation, an orphaned colt who grew to be a unbreakable stallion and who also mistakes her for an after-dinner snack. But when a life-threatening illness subdues the horse, Jubi learns to accept Andi's gentle touch and the pair are soon more than friends. Together with Jubi Andi discovers that she is more gifted than she ever dreamed, with a secret past beyond her imagination.

Song of Falling Leaves (Overdue Books, ISBN-13 978-1-887309-2-64, 342 pages) is the first book in a four-part series that follows Orlando "Andi" McCall's emergence as The Wanderer, a Benevolent who protects the earth from utter destruction during the Last Season. The second book in the series, The Last Winter, is in progress and is due to be published in 2016.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Method for Making Decisions

Once upon a time, I was in turmoil over a life decision. A war was going on inside my head, and I wasn't quite sure which side was going to win.

I was eaten alive by a decision I was trying to make. Smack in the middle of it all, I discovered a powerful, step-by-step process for making decisions.

That was over 30 years ago. Now I'm offering simple process I discovered to you.

Though deceptively simple, it has helped me calmly evaluate my options and make the best decisions of my life, ones that I have never regretted. I want to share the process with you in my book Making Decisions, now in its third edition.

In its pages I've spelled out a decision-making process in a simple workbook format so you can easily learn and apply the method. From it's pages you'll learn:
  • Seven easy steps that you can reuse over and over again.
  • A trick of using both the left and right sides of your brain.
  • One possible source of your inner battle is and how to win it.
  • How to arrange and prioritize your options in a progressively clearer way.
  • How to find out which options are more important to you than others.
  • The peace that comes from knowing you've made the right decision before and after you make it.
This method was a gift that came to me in the summer of 1981, just months before our first child was born. The decision I made that summer was one of the best I've made in my life. It stuck and has blessed my life in countless ways since. I hope it blesses your life too.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Write Your Book in 24 Hours Published Serially

Starting on Monday, December 2, 2013, I'll begin publishing Write Your Book in 24 Hours serially, for free. It's a thank you and Christmas gift to you, my readers.

I wrote Write Your Book in 24 Hours because I've met many people who want write a book but don’t know where to start or how to get the job done. This book will guide you step by step through writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your book. Among other things, you'll learn:
  • What blocks you from writing and getting published
  • How to organize your ideas into a logical stream
  • The key to getting your book down in written form in 10 percent of the time
  • How to publish on Kindle and other platforms
  • How to find an editor (required!)
  • How to promote your book
  • And much, much more!
I hope you enjoy it.

Note: As of January 2, 2014, this book is no longer available as a serially published book, but you can purchase it here